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An Open Letter to The Public Officials of San Jose

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This is an open letter written by Dino Carnay (originally published on June 18, 2009), in response to the amount of complaints regarding the lack of progress in San Jose, as told by the members of the DWCSJOM e-group. It is re-published here with only minimal edits.

The sentiments of San Jose, Occidental Mindoro residents are hard to ignore. Day in, day out… they are deprived of a better service.

Genuine Interest

We do not believe that the present public officials cannot do something about the roads, public amenities, roads and public services. We believe that in order for San Jose, Occidental Mindoro to progress, there should be a genuine interest for public officials to spend the taxpayers' money to projects that are essential and useful to the citizens.

We know you could agree with us, we understand the hardships of raising funds and everybody are aware that at the end of the public officials' term. They have not done so much (we're not saying public officials are not doing anything or have not done any contribution for a progressive San Jose). Are the residents requesting for real progress? Yes.

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