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PUP Sablayan Campus Office

The PUP Sablayan Campus Office is tentatively housed at the Old ABC Building, located at the Municipal Compound.

It is manned by five IT literate personnel hired by LGU Sablayan. The office is equipped with 3 computer units, printers, webcam and a landline with internet connection.

A teleconferencing equipment cum flat TV is provided by PUP Main Campus (Sta. Mesa).

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PUP Sablayan: Construction On d’ Go

Simultaneous to the construction of a 3-storey building with 18 classrooms is the upgrading of 3 strategic access roads to the PUP Sablayan Campus.

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PUP Sablayan Campus’ Pioneers

On November 11, 2010 the Open University Graduate School Program commenced with 40 enrollees in Master in Public Administration and 47 in Master in Educational Management.

Off line sessions for the MPA students were held at the Sanggunian Bayan Session Hall, while the MEM students held their class sessions at the Sablayan National Comprehensive High School (SABNACOHIS).

Five recruits from the locality were hired as part time mentors.

The deployment of Director Resa T. Suarez as Campus Director of PUP Sablayan Campus was indeed a big relief and a meaningful boost to the LGU Sablayan Technical Working Group.

With Director Resa’s expertise and experience in pioneering tasks, high hopes built up on PUP Sablayan Campus’ momentum to being a prime government college in Occidental Mindoro.

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MOA Signing and the Formal Launching of PUP Sablayan Campus

A sequel to the MOA Signing was the Formal Launching of PUP Sablayan Campus on October 26, 2010. It was indeed a milestone, punctuated by Groundbreaking Rite at the site, Ribbon Cutting of the PUP Sablayan Campus office, Conduct of Entrance Exam for the Graduate School Program of the Open University System and a Cultural Presentation featuring ’Amazing Sablayan’!

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Occidental Mindoro celebrates 60th anniversary

Governor Josephine “Nene” Ramirez-Sato announced the successful 60th anniversary of the province recently.

During the opening rites, Governor Sato said that the province have gone a long way - from a sleepy to a vibrant province now known not only in the Philippines but throughout the world. This can be attributed to the dynamic leadership of its governor and the city council.

Today, Occidental Mindoro is known as the primary source of rice, salt, fish, vegetables, and other commodities for Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

Mindorenos enjoyed the activities during the celebration such as: the grand motorcade, basketball tournament, street dancing competition, rodeo, talentadong Mindoreno, search for Binibining Turismo and Ginoong agrikultura, variety shows, and the grand fireworks display.
Sixty balloons were also released during the opening rites symbolizing the years the province has been in existence. One of the balloons contains a note and whoever returns this to the provincial capitol will receive P 10,000.00.


Silangang Mindoro (Song)


Produced by the Provincial Government of Oriental Mindoro
thru the Provincial Information Office

This is the video


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Sandigan suspends Mindoro governor Umali

THE Sandiganbayan anti-graft court has ordered Oriental Mindoro Gov. Alfonso Umali Jr. suspended for 90 days over a graft charge filed against him in 2004 claiming that he illegally released a P2.5-million loan to a private shipowner.

The court’s Fourth Division rejected Umali’s argument that he no longer could influence the investigation because the prosecutors had finished presenting evidence against him.

The court said suspension was mandatory in such cases, and it was meant to prevent public officials accused of corruption “from committing further acts of malfeasance while in office.

“The presumption is that, unless the accused is suspended, he may frustrate his prosecution or commit further acts of malfeasance or do both,” the court said.

Umali was accused of disbursing the loan when he was the provincial administrator. His co-accused were Oriental Mindoro Rep. Rodolfo Valencia, who was governor at the time, and then provincial board members Jose Leynes and Jose Enriquez and former Vice Gov. Pedrito Reyes.

Alfredo Atienza, the owner of the passenger vessel MV Ace, and who received the loan, was included in the suit.

The anti-graft court suspended all the accused on Sept. 9, 2008, after it rejected their arguments. It sentenced each of them to six to 10 years in jail and barred them from holding public office.

The court sustained the prosecution’s findings that the accused had acted in bad faith in lending Atienza P2.5 million from provincial funds to finance the repair, operation and maintenance of his ship.

Valencia had admitted he released the loan to help Atienza repair and maintain his roll-on, roll-off vessel, which he said the province had used in its recovery efforts in the aftermath of four strong typhoons that hit the province in 1993.

The defendants have appealed the decision.


9 Mindoro animals join nature red list

Nine species of animals endemic to Mindoro island, including the tamaraw, are now on the endangered list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Placed on the endangered list posted on the IUCN website are the tamaraw (Bubalus Mindorensis), four bird species, three species of rats, and a crustacean.

From its endangered status in 1986, the tamaraw has been listed as “critically endangered.” It is now only found in Mount Iglit-Baco National Park, Mount Aruyan in Sablayan town, and Mount Calavite Tamaraw Preserve.

Listed as endangered birds are the Mindoro imperial pigeon (Ducula Mindorensis), Mindoro Bleeding-heart (Gallicolumba Platenae), Mindoro Scops owl (Otus Mindorensis), and Mindoro Hornbill (Penelopides Mindorensis).

The rat species included in the list are the Mindoro Soft-furred Rat (Rattus Mindorensis), Mindoro Climbing Rat (Anonymomys Mindorensis), and the Large Mindoro Forest Mouse (Apomys Gracilirostris).

The crustacean Parathelphusa Mindoro is listed as “data deficient” because of lack of information on its population, ecological requirement, and long-term threats.

IUCN said the most significant threats to these species are forest destruction and hunting.


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