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Abra de Ilog - Our Town… Our Future

Abra de Ilog, Occidental Mindoro, Philippines

Your GATEWAY to Western Mindoro Island…the WATERFALLS CAPITAL…

How to Get Here?

Abra de Ilog is one of the 11 towns in Occidental Mindoro. It is located in the West side of Mindoro Island in the Southern Tagalog region of the Philippine Archipelago.

To get here, there are several RORO trips from Batangas International Port to Matabang Port which take approximately 2 ½ hours. Montenegro Shipping Lines Inc. (MSLI), the origin of which started from this very place takes pride as the major transport vessel not only to the local residents but to the whole province as well hence, Abra de Ilog takes pride as the major GATEWAY to entire Occidental Mindoro.

From Matabang Port, one can hire a tricycle for only Php 20.00 to get to Poblacion, which is the center of all hubs & activities of the town. Anyone can explore the nine (9) friendly Barangays of the town via tricycle or by taking a walk while enjoying the peaceful scenery.

We are also home to multiple beach resorts which can give Puerto Galera beaches a run for their money. Oriental tourists prefer the Abra de Ilog coast because of its solitude, quietude & serenity. Waterfalls are one of the most visited and loved by local and foreign adventurers. Spelunking and white water rafting can be offered also to those who would like to take extreme challenge of nature.

Brief Profile

The Municipality of Abra de Ilog lies in the northernmost tip of the mainland Occidental Mindoro. It is bounded by Paluan in the West, Mamburao in the South & Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro in the East. It has a total land area of 72, 865.870 hectare, consisting mainly of 70.47% forest land and 20.91% agricultural. Just like the rest of the country, Abra de Ilog experiences dry season during the months of March, April & May. Rainy season starts in June and persists until late November. But unlike other coastal towns Abra de Ilog is located between two ranges of mountain hence; it can have a low of 20.8°C even during summer and a high of 30.1°C during wet seasons.

Its terrain can be attributed to the rugged mountains ranging from the coastline up to the most isolated, untouched land formation going further south. The town has average annual rainfall is 2,262.5 mm to 3,850 mm while the humidity range from 63° to 87° with an average of 75.4°. Based on 2004 Local Government Unit survey, the town has a total population of 23,915, 33.78% of which are Indigenous People (IPs) with almost 1:1 male to female ratio. Lowlanders or Tagalog are 15,835. Electorate population is 12,126. About 90.14% of families belong to poverty level.


There are several occasions being celebrated every year. The likes of which are the Feast of San Rafael Archangel the Patron Saint of Abra de Ilog, Apo Iraya Festival and “Penitensya” Holy Week Pilgrimage.

Our Heritage

Most houses in Poblacion took after its Spanish influence. It can be seen through the architectural designs and the ways of the people themselves.These Acacia trees are the only one of its kind left during the Japanese occupation. The whole town was totally burned down but these sturdy trees survived the tragedy.


Barangay Udalo is also home to multiple beach resorts which can give Puerto Galera beaches a run for their money. Oriental tourists prefer the Abra de Ilog coast because of its solitude, quietude & serenity. Casay Beach Resort offers very relaxing scenery on nipa cottages, native hammocks and sailboat. It is the first establishment in the town that has utilized non-fossil fuel as its source of energy. The powers take pride in their solar and wind powered facilities.

Our Finest

Kalong River located in Sitio Camurong is the only inland body of crystal clear water with a distinct white sand riverbank. It is a great come on for both local and foreign tourist.

Luang Baga Cave has been explored by the National Museum staff in 1992 when a number of anthropologist & paleontologist teamed up with our LGU personnel. The data has already been included in the Museum’s Archives.

Lanas Lake. Once a home of Mindoro’s crocodiles. It is almost a hundred hectare body of water located in Barangay Cabacao. Source of the tastiest Tilapia in the neighboring towns.

Agbalala Waterfalls. It is about 115 feet tall with 45 x 75 feet catchments pool. Agbalala – 16.46m X 22.86m catchments pool, Height 34.44m, Depth 3.65m. Above it is another breathtaking waterfall which is Agbalala Lovers Falls. Lovers falls – 13.72m X 9.15m Catchments pool, Height 13.72m, depth 2.44m

The Apyas Waterfalls is frequent hang-out among the local residents because of its proximity to Poblacion. You can enjoy the whole place anytime of the day paying only Php 10.00 for the maintenance of the place. Apyas – Height 4.57m, Depth 1.22m, 1.83m top to water surface

The greatest tourist attraction Abra de Ilog can offer is its inhabitants. Nobody can match the warmth, the solidarity, the industry and uniqueness of its people.

Ecotourism Potential Sites in Abra de Ilog, Occidental Mindoro

Beach Resorts

  1. Beach Walk Resort – Barangay Lumangbayan

  2. Casay Beach Resort – Barangay Wawa

  3. Cymru Beach Resort – Barangay Wawa

  4. Green Wich Hills Beach Resort – Barangay Wawa

  5. San Souci Beach – Barangay Udalo

  6. Tuko Beach Resort – Barangay Udalo

  7. Udalo Beach Resort – Barangay Udalo

  8. Yellow Beach – Barangay Lumangbayan

  9. Wild Trek – Barangay Udalo


  1. Agbalala Chain of Waterfalls – Barangay Wawa

  2. Apyas Waterfalls – Barangay Wawa

  3. Bagolayag Waterfalls – Barangay Wawa

  4. Balagnan Waterfalls – Barangay Wawa

  5. Kalong river – Barangay Udalo

  6. Bisay Waterfalls – Barangay Lumangbayan

  7. Kadilawan Waterfalls – Barangay San Vicente

  8. Mamangan – Bisay Waterfalls – Barangay Cabacao

  9. Nangka Waterfalls – Barangay Balao

  10. Papali Waterfalls – Barangay Wawa

  11. Sto. Tomas Waterfalls – Barangay Wawa

  12. Swim-Lawaan Waterfalls – Barangay Poblacion

  13. Rayusan Waterfalls – Barangay Armado

  14. Tulong Bato Waterfalls – Barangay Udalo

  15. Tuuyan Waterfalls – Barangay Balao

Caves, Rivers & Lakes

  1. Luang Baga Cave – Barangay Cabacao

  2. Tuaw – Masaklang River Rapids – Barangay Cababcao

  3. Lanas Lake – Barangay Cabacao

Historical Sites

  1. Pinaglabanan Site – Barangay Lumangbayan

  2. Pinagbanderahan – Barangay Armado


  1. San Rafael Archangel Patron Saint Fiesta – October 23-24

  2. Apo Iraya Festival – October 24

  3. Mahal na Araw Penitensya

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Bakit ganon, habang tumatagal pumapangit pa lalo ang fiesta celebration nyo????this 2011 town fiesta is one of the worst fiesta this year. Di na katulad dati na lumilibot ang mga parade sa buong bayan, ngayon one way na lang ang parade..Sana sa 2012 ay sa plaza na lang ganapin kase sobrang layo ng gym. Nakakatamad puntahan. Sana next year maganda na ang town fiesta nu..para mas dayuhin ang bayan nu....but anyway happy fiesta kahit sobrang boring this year.....

  2. Anonymous Says:

    ano ba yan the town fiesta of abra de ilog this year is very boring...makauwi n lang sa manila uli kaysa manood ng fiesta nu...ang layo p ng gym....sorry kung ang pangit ng comment ko para alam nu next year gandahan nyo na....

  3. Anonymous Says:

    sana sa plaza na lang ganapin ang mga palabas instead sa gym kc ang layo.....nakakatamad puntahan....

  4. Ferix Says:

    sino po ang blogger nito? but Yes indeed, what these previous comments were saying are all true. Every succeeding year up to last year's town fiesta was a boring and plain celebration. :(

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